Ballistic Overland's Mission:

Ballistic Overland was founded to help Veterans with PTSD come out of the shadows, to have an outlet to help them cope. The idea is to distract the mind with the beautiful outdoors

To many veterans are lost to drinking. Sadly, the infamous DUI, or worse, the heartbreaking DUI Suicide combo, are more common than most care to admit. Drinking away the trauma is a story that many veterans know all too well and have almost accepted as the norm. However, one may say who can blame them? War is pure evil and horrific. Well yes that is indeed true to an extent.

What is our community doing to help these veterans? Classifying PTSD as crazy? Is that what Americans have done to appreciate the sacrifices of our nations hero's?

Therefore, veterans’ resort to hiding in the shadows. It’s easier to keep quiet then be chastised and ridiculed for fighting for America’s freedom. Ballistic Overland feels that veterans deserve better and is choosing to act not just say words.

If Ballistic Overland can save just 1 Veteran from the bar by going to the mountains and being a part of the beautiful outdoors with likeminded people, maybe a life can be saved or more. Saving 1 life, is better than losing one.

The mission here is to take a step by step approach. Nothing judgmental or forceful. Just a simple, carefree get away, from the daily struggles of day to day life. The goal is to just maybe, distract from the normal routine of turning to the bottle, and instead disappearing into nature. Hopefully this will save lives.

It's a ripple effect. If Ballistic Overland saves 1 life, maybe it will spread to other veterans. Maybe this idea will turn into multiple ripples that will help turn into a massive movement. These veterans have fought and lost almost everything for our freedom. We need to unite and come together to stand up for their sacrifices, in actions, not just words, or a political agenda.

Ballistic Overland cannot do this alone. It takes a community. It takes a group of individuals that want to come together and be there for your local veterans. It essentially operates as a wolfpack.

The “Wolfpack” logos are a representation of this mission. It symbolizes the fight that those who come home endure.

Ballistic Overland is a WOLFPACK. We will FIGHT together, HEAL together, OVERCOME together, & WIN together.


Thank you to every veteran for their service, and rest in peace to the fallen.