Ballistic Overland's Mission:


Fight. Overcome. Heal. Win.

Spreading awareness for PTSD through OverlandingVlogs, Personal & Shared experiences, & Activism.


About Ballistic Overland (Mission Statement):

  • Ballistic Overland was founded to spread awareness for PTSD. That is done by utilizing Activism through social media, by sharing personal and shared experiences, whilst simultaneously circumventing the bureaucracy and red tape of the system.
  • The system in this regard is designed to mold citizens into a lethal fighting force to fight for freedom, the United States of America, and foreign and domestic terrorists. In doing so, this very same system has no mechanism to "re-program" these same honorable citizens, back to normal everyday life after their time in service.
  • The goal here is simple. Give an outlet for those veterans who were left behind by that very same system.
  • As someone who lives and breathes this system, I have made it my purpose to give back to those suffering from PTSD, and to honor my best friend who passed during our deployment; SPC. Brain Anderson. I believe I am alive, solely because he gave his life for our unit.
  • I want to make sure that any veteran who feels alone, left behind, or forgotten has someone to lean on. Someone to shoot the crap with, and at the very least, distract the mind with the beautiful outdoors.
  • While the everyday grind of Monday - Friday is taxing on these veterans, Ballistic Overland strives to provide an outlet to "mentally reset" with a weekend warrior type of adventure. This is designed to appreciate the beauty, that not only does the outdoors provide with mother nature, but also to remind said veteran, what he/she fought for.
  • This sense of appreciation for their sacrifice is to give them back that sense of pridevalor, and purpose, and hopefully it's saves a life, showing them that they are not alone.


  • Ballistic Overland is a WOLFPACK. We will FIGHT together, OVERCOME together, HEAL together, & WIN together.


Thank you to every veteran for their service, and rest in peace to the fallen.





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